Friday, July 13, 2007

"At least your pretty now"
"if I'm pretty now, what was I before"
conversation drops

"The pool is covered in barb wire?"
"No its surrounded by barb wire"

"Killing trees is the new policy now?"
"At least until they figure out something else to do"


"How come I can't have a car that turns into an Autobot?"
"Cause they don't make them in Canada yet sweety"

"What colour is your hair?"
"I can't remember I haven't seen it in years"

"OMG I have a tan"
"Yes that happens when you spend a couple hours out in the summer sun"

"I tanned and didn't burn woo hoo"
"Yeah that is odd for you?"

"What eats cds?"
"The possesed computers that turn into monsters"

"Can you spy on me?"
"I mean can you spy for me?"

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Lunch Time Conversations that sounds oh so wrong but are actually innocent

"I haven't had any cream in my mouth for a long time" -SR
This is said in a public restaurant while eating a cream filled donut.

" Hitting some balls around at ********, and boy did (insert name here) whip my ass" - SR
Actually talking about a pool hall and a game off pool that he lost
You know you are tired when...

  • ...while getting dressed in the morning you fall asleep while getting dressed and are wondering what happened to those 20 minutes and the dog is nudging you

  • forget to fill your coffee mug with coffee and surprised to find air when you go to take a drink

  • forget that you don't actually need to go to work and could have slept in

  • start dozing off while driving

  • fall back asleep in class/at work

  • ...minutes of your life are missing

  • enjoy checking your eyelids for holes

  • drink two pots of "wake the F*%# up" coffee to combat the lack of sleep to get you through the day

  • don't remember conversations that people had with you while you were half awake

  • think you are still dreaming

  • don't know what day it is

  • feed the dog/cat/bird there breakfast twice

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Once upon a time , a long long time ago
A girl was sleeping after sending her bf a msg saying she was going to bed.
About an hour later there was a call, as she was half asleep she answered her phone
A call from the bf who just wanted to hear her voice.
Half asleep she was talking with him
Till he made his way home
And they hung up the phones so they could both sleep
The end

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

cat mouse cat

one of the cats (Loki <- lives up to his name) decided to bring in with him an interactive toy (a mouse) so hes playing with the mouse by the front door. Joy sees a dust bunny with a tail. Loki grabs the mouse and runs downstairs to hide the mouse. Joy does the whole capture and live release keeping all the cats in. Apparently the mouse didn't get to far since another of the cats started stalking it. Anyways, the mouse lives and the cat didn't get his interactive toy.

The next day, Loki is farting around with Joy's purse....we are thinking the cats logic goes along these lines
*mommy likes mice,
maybe if i get mommy her own mouse, she'll let me have my own
maybe if i put it in her purse she love me more cause i gave her a present *

Yes we think that the cat is that smart and come up with that type of logical argument *if cats could talk*

So now we have a paranoid Joy worried that she'll see a mouse in her purse, draws, closet at some point, and we have a cat, that has this look of plotting.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

I will be updating this more, once my work schedule is down to a reasonable level. 60-70 hours a week plus classes is just insane.

Monday, January 09, 2006


"Di you are wearing colour"
"your point"
"just never seen you wear that much colout"
"probably cause i'm not working and not needing my blacks"
"oh right"

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

sounds of music

"It sounds like the Smashing Punkins playing"
"Probably because it is"

-SR and Pixie

monastery and monks

"The worlds best beer comes from...those...things...Monkeries!"
"Monkeries? Don't you mean Monasteries!?"
"Yeah those things"



sir_rugo's - stripper name is Candi
- pornstar name is Sour Pickle
- drag queen name is Pussy Golitely